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2023 Halloween Ruth Ride

Now that this year's Halloween Ruth Ride is in the bag, I'd like to share some photos and videos from the 3 day event. We had a fairly good turn out for Friday afternoon, and we had some fun working for Clayton around the camp and rustling cattle.

Some of us worked on trails with our chainsaws, such as expert 6E24 the Dam trail. We tried to ride it backward to no avail. Just a little too steep for the shape we were in, exhausted from clearing efforts.

And of course, we enjoyed drinks and food around the campfire. It was a full moon, and there was a lunar eclipse scheduled for Saturday evening.


But the real ride was Saturday. We had 15 riders meet up at the Pilot Creek watershed for a full day of rough riding and trail maintenance. Past fires had really damaged the watershed and this year was no different. Al Hazen and Dan East trails were out of commission due to active fire fighting and restoration efforts, but there were plenty of other trails to keep us


Skull Camp was amazing, as well as the Beckers Cabin trail. County Line trail needed too much work for us on this day, but we will come back soon to clear it up.

Joey won the Best Halloween Costume award, with pink flamingos strapped to his bike and a Ken Doll outfit. Actually he was the only constestant but his efforts did not go unnoticed.

Pilot Creek was quite crossable, with no accidental splashes recorded. The Happy Jack crossing did give most of us quite a challenge, as the stairstep climb was too slippery to master. So we all took the rocky detour.

Sunday, most people had either gone home or were too beat up from the Saturday ride. Trinity was the only Iron Man to ride that day, and the rest of us packed up and limped home.

See you all next year!

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