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Need for Speed

Super wise club members and their friends… anybody who might be using the library computer...

Recently I was trapped in an old DeLorean. Having just gotten back from the past and having just seen the current dirt bikes available, I have been left exceptionally confused. Previously as I knew it, the sure way to increase pure horsepower was to either buy more horses or install Black wheels. Now I see Blue wheels, even some gold wheels (Trump prefers gold wheels, so that’s out).

Then there is the issue of goggle lenses. You folks seem to ride in the dark rain forests. I see a lot of mirrored lenses…. Is this the hot set up? and would they change/minimize how much trail debris I run into?

What about Boots/ MX boots when I last rode white boots were pretty fast. What’s the deal? Black? Should the boots have tread suitable to walk home in? That’s how we use to do it. I don’t know.

What about Jerseys.. Now I see famous riders with their name on the back. Does this have any benefit in speed? (truth is I have tried this and my friends all roosted me).

Now I'll say It’s been a while since I last thought I was fast. At that time many of us were using an ignition enhancement “Roost Boost”. While I am unclear what this did, I sure felt fast.

Do any of you have any suggestions? Just one super old school idea could put me over the top.

What about fuel additives Nitromethane? I see the Bert Monroe did this in that movie about Indians.

Is there a way to use Methamphetamine? The people I see using this seem to have some crazy reactions.

All this goes back to me looking at pictures (we used this thing called film) of myself from 40 years ago, and I look really fast and would like to pick up where I left off.

Sorry one more thing…….. is there any way to get your friends while taking photos to use a slimming lens (asking for a friend)?


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Dale Warmuth
Dale Warmuth
15. 6. 2022

To se mi líbí
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