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Doubled Up Adventure

Most of us find enjoyment in the great outdoors by getting off our asses to go on a camping trip with the family an hour or two from home sweet home. But some of us crave more than that. Much more. Oh, and by the way, they want to go it alone.

FWMC member Randy Pavlich is just such a man. He prefers to go it alone. With the fortitude and energy of a triathlete, this man has made many such trips to parts unknown aboard his KTM 990 year after year and there's no end in sight to his sense of adventure.

This particular April journey took him to the nether regions of southern Utah. His motorcycle was burdened with an unorthodox payload; a lime green Trek mountain bike complementing the orange and white color scheme of the KTM. The setup made for a makeshift sail that would at times make him feel like he was riding an angry weather vane against the ever-present cross winds scouring the barren asphalt of Nevada's Highway 50.

Randy spent two weeks living a life lesser men can only dream of. He fit in a visit to the Slickrock Trail to test his mountain biking prowess.

He camped and hiked throughout Zion National Park.

He explored the awe inspiring Monument Valley in south east Utah.

He braved April snow, wind, and rain on his KTM as he traversed the famous Burr Trail Road and numerous challenging roads around Escalante.

In short, Randy rode the wheels off these two machines. He wore through two pairs of shoes. He was seen bathing with coyotes in streams swollen with snow runoff. It is said that when he finally arrived home, the 990 spontaneously disassembled onto his driveway.

That is the way to adventure. Stay thirsty my friends.

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