Kelsey Peak Adventures

It’s kind of funny how I know at least two people who have died as a result of riding four wheeled ATV ’s. But there I was in the wild forest last Sunday with lions, tigers and bears, squirrels, snails, slugs, fungi, and shet all around. ( and no helmet )

  The Crew had cleared a trail Saturday while a record breaking snow flurry was hitting the North Coast real hard.

We rode ……hard…… we rode long……. we rode…. …………………………………Well you get it ….we rode. And it was cold. Then MF exclaimed his son was in intensive care, then another said his daughter was having a Fancy Nancy party, then another said their mother was calling.

It was hailing, it was snowing, it was raining. What was I to do? Most would have called this mutiny,,,,Incidentally there was another group of club riders who did a manly ride in the face of these horrors I have described.

   Then Sunday the most beautiful day awoke Trinity and myself parked at the coldest place on earth ( Barry Creek ) Truth is, it wasn’t that cold.

We cleared Barry creek trail + a little. Then rode over to The Humboldt trail from the direction of the corral east.

We both started in, I quickly assessed that the 660 Grizzly with baskets, rakes, multiple saws and instruments of destruction  was tooooooooooooo much to ride on side hill single track.