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New Year's Day Work Party

January 1st, 2019 was a beautiful day in Humboldt County. Most people enjoyed it with their families, hunkered down all comfy in their homes. But not this crew. These 5 guys got off their butts and dragged their overweight torsos out to to the forest to build more trail for the rest of the club. Another mile was added to the trail system that day, a trail that may be categorized as intermediate. That makes the first mile of intermediate trail in our system, so hats off to you for your efforts.

Another work party has gone out since that day, and I'm told the 10-man crew added another couple of miles for their efforts. So there's a rough mathematical equation slowly formulating here: 5 trail builders @ 4 hrs of work = 1 mile of trail. Very rough equation, but something to plan by.

Hats off to all the members that gave up their Saturday mornings to provide for the club. Let's all keep up the good work and momentum. It's a great way to help the club, its a great workout and allows you to skip the gym (ha! like we go to gyms), it builds camaraderie, it gives you a deeper understanding of the trails you are going to ride, and for those prospective members it counts toward becoming a full-fledged member. All great reasons to make the effort.

See you out there!

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