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Opening Weekend 2019

Updated: May 7, 2019

Hi all! So in case you haven’t heard our riding season has officially begun. A group went riding Saturday, thank you Byron for leading the way and reporting back. Another group went riding and trail building on Sunday. That’s the group I went with.

So on Sunday, a six-person contingent installed two bridges over water crossings. It was quite a bit of work but was necessary and was the finishing touch for a new trail that was one of a network of new trails built over the recent off season.

Once the bridges were in place, we all got to ride the new trail network and I gotta tell ya it’s nice. Finley decided to see much of it from the ground, but that’s another story.

But the story we have to share from both days rides is that while we’ve lost 2 to 3 great trails due to recent logging, the efforts of the club over this recent off season has given us just as many new trails to enjoy. Hats off to everyone for their efforts!

The remaining upper trails still need some chainsaw work (thanks Curt for the assist over the downed redwood) but we will make short work of it. And once logging is complete we may be able to salvage and rebuild.

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