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Wild Times in Hyampom

So before usfs route 1 was built. on any given weekend 50+ dirt bike riders rode from Snow Camp through board camp, or grouse mnt to Pilot Rock to Beckers cabin, across pilot creek up Henry Ridge to South Fork mnt. then down to Hymapom via pelatru sp ridge. Most all of this was loamy two track jeep roads. There we wood eat and drink at the ole Valley view bar and restaurant, until we were a threat to the public. Then if as if it hadn't been a race getting there...we would race back. Taking the easy way back through the ole PG&E Line cabin.... cause we're drunk not stupid.

Well this one time Pat "the Iron man" Mckenna and myself took off at race pace. We were about 2 miles from valley view going handle bar to handle bar, when a trinity county sheriff comes around the turn. Pat went left I went right and we split the cop. Happened so fast it was just a quick reflex moment. Unbeknownst to Pat and me is that we scared the sheriff to a degree that he spun his car around and started to chase after us. So Randy Pavlich catch up with the cop and is thinking " Well... Pat and Dale must have passed him" about this time the cop throws his car sideway as if to block the road. Randy can see the cop throwing the door open and going for his hip at the same time. So Randy rides up the cut bank and hauls ass. Now the cop is really pissed. So the next rider comes around the corner and sees this cop using the hood of the car to steady his pistol pointed right at this next rider. Well this rider (rightly so) is pissed off given that he was simply riding down this narrow dirt road and quite likely not a public road. and this cop has leveled the bad end of his pistol at this naive rider. As this is all playing out 15-20 guys on bikes are just around the turn. Ron Matson who had been voted to haul the liter or two of lord calvert is chucking the booze over the hill. About this time the cop realizes 1/we have him out numbered. 2/ now that you mention it maybe we are on a private road. 3/ these 15-20 other guys sure haven't played a roll in him sheeting his pants. So hes asks the one guy he has by gun point this a race? is this a regular event? Who were those guys who ruined his underwear?

So the cop turns his car around and slipped down in the seat as far is his ego would let him and drove past the 15-20 guys. Of course this is when the crying really started, cause the hooch is gone.

No one remembers much more, cause the alcohol had already come home to the thought processes.

This was but just one of 50 rides i probably did to Hyampom. So many memories. Again these were just the rides I did. There was always more than one group on any given day, and there was always the day before or day after we went.


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