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Last Bastion of Unburned Trails

Here we are in August of 2021 and the west coast is burning, again. Luckily on the coast here in Eureka, we are being spared the majority of smoke and heat. The Forest Service has now shut down many National Forests in California and Oregon through Sept 6th and most likely beyond that date barring a flood of rain (see CA closures here) , and unburned riding locations that have remained open seem few and far between.

Some of the benefits of living on the Northern California coast is the temperatures and lushness of the vegetation, not to mention the redwoods. The club's trail system is located about 1/4 mile to a mile east of the crashing waves, and that proximity means cool temps, lush fern groves, and towering redwoods, cedars, fir, and spruce. We are very lucky to have our unique trail system. We work hard to build, maintain, and protect our trail system.

Please feel free to inquire about our club, or better yet, come to one of our monthly meetings to meet us and get more information about joining. Check out our home page for meeting location and contact info.

Here a link to our latest ride HERE

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