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story #1 of Life club members

Have you ever met the Far West Motorcycle Club Life members, Mike and John Pezzoli. I have several recollections.

Just to give you a mental image of these two. While not the same age, they thought Viet Nam was some much fun …rather than do one tour, they were sure two would be more fun. My first encounter was on one of my earliest Hyampom rides, I’m pretty sure I was with Randy Pavlich. It was springtime and somewhere just past Ridge Cabin there was this huge earth slippage. Here I met most of the active Far West Club members at the time. By active I mean those that still rode.

Wonderful Walt Wood, Jerry “I’m so nice” Williams, Richard “the Fox” Miller, Vince Freemantle, Ray Crivello jr, I am sure there were others. But distracting me were in no order…1/ a two track

road had slid to the river…read no road ,no trail. And 2/ These two big guys walking bikes across this earth cliff. The club member contribution to helpings was heckling, joking, exclaiming how they should help. Mind you these club members had not started drinking yet. Well maybe some Brandy but that never counted. Because most of these guys knew my father and by that extension me. these great big guys walked my and Randy’s bike across.

Here’s where I will mix several rides altogether. On the way back from Hyampom Ricard Miller was so drunk he rode off the old road into a ditch filled with snow. Here he passed out. Mike I’m told gave Richard mouth to mouth. And they were friends for ever more. That how I remember it. Another time at the conclusion of the ride from Hyampom we survived the ride and as everyone loaded up their bikes. Its just getting dark when John who had an old 2wd pickup backed his truck into the front of Mikes four wheel drive. Well Mike who had an enormous bumper put his truck into low range and let out the clutch, John left his truck in reverse and

let his clutch out. John’s truck rear wheels started hopping up and down. And was creating quite a show of tire smoke and squall when there was this huge explosion.

A crazy bright flash of light, huge noise & more smoke. John’s driveline had found it’s match. It was no more than a crazy twisted bit of tin can. So this happens near the Ole USFS Hella port. ( it’s gone now ) So Mike pushes John with Mikes truck to the Lord Ellis turn off. Once on the cut off ….. I do not know how but John met at least two cars and or trucks at dark mind you. Somehow John drives his truck up the bank every time another vehicle comes at him. Holly gezzzist.

Yet another time while building trail out need greenwood heights. The club AtV is pretty new ( come to think of it this may have two club ATV’s ago.) But some manages to knock one of the tires off the bead. Everyone stands there and says now what? Well John without missing a beat tears some of his shirt off and dosses it with gasoline. He washes the inside of the flat tire. And askes if any body has a light/match. Someone offers what they have, john strikes that match and before anybody wise enough to

know better could stand back that fucking tire exploded fully inflated. Suddenly there was twelve guys stand there unwilling to admit they all shet their pants.

I apologize for the tabbing button this fucking cask keeps hitting the button

Trust when I say I have some other not so proud moments od past and current life members. Yet to be told

Wally, Wizard, Judge Morrison, Brian Lee, Louis Brero

Walter Wood, The Gob, Richard Paulus Sherri Paulus, Bob Bell, Bob “GrandMa” Wendt, Animal Algard, Richard Miller, Don “Dino” Wright

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